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Continuum of Care for the Homeless

Many people still think of rescue missions as places where homeless people find housing, food and spiritual instruction. Yet, those of us who are involved in this field know that unless their deeper spiritual, emotional, physical, and social needs are addressed, homeless people will never attain stability in their lives. Many suffer from mental illness, […]

Free Wi-Fi for a Low Income Housing Project

Connecting for Good, the nonprofit organization I staretd in 2011, has entered into a partnership with the  Kansas City Kansas Housing Authority   to bring free Wi-Fi to their largest low income housing project — Juniper Gardens. The   large  mesh network  we are building  will cover almost four city blocks and wil bring free in-home broadband Internet to 390 units […]

AskimoTV Interviews Michael Liimatta (video)

1. Alcoholism (7:45) Mr. Michael Liimatta & Ms. Elise Engber How does one define alcoholism? What is a binge and does binging lead to an addiction, or does one binge because they are already addicted? What is the difference between a drunkard and an alcoholic? In kicking an addiction like alcoholism, is it preferable to […]