Wounded Warriors: When Staff Members Need Healing Too (audio)

In this session, Michael focuses on the needs of the Christian worker.   Many individuals are drawn to the ministry because of their own experiences with addiction and troubled family backgrounds.   In most instances, this can be very positive,   However, some are hindered in their efforts to minister to others because they are still experiencing   on-going difficulties from growing up in dysfunctional families and unresolved issues from past addictions.

This session is intended to equip other Christian workers to assist such people by accurately identifying their symptoms and knowing how to direct them to appropriate help.  “Wounded Warriors” who are still “bleeding” cannot effectively work with those in need.   On the other hand, those who are experiencing healing can be the most valuable members of a mission’s staff.   Because of their unique experience of the grace of God, they can be used in powerful ways.


See Guide to Effective Rescue Mission Recovery Programs for documentation related to this lecture.