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Helping Addicts Who Are Mentally Ill

How can we help the addict who is also mentally ill? A. Understanding “Dual Diagnosis” – Up to one-third of today’s homeless adults are mentally ill. The trend toward “deinstitutionalization” of the mentally ill has meant that our city streets are now being flooded with people who at one time would have been hospitalized for […]

Disease Concept – Avoiding Responsibility?

Doesn’t the promotion of the “disease concept” help addicts to avoid taking responsibility for their behavior? The only people I’ve ever heard using the “disease concept” as an excuse are practicing alcoholics who have no real intention of changing.     I hear something totally different from addiction counselors and other professionals who subscribe to what has […]

John Wesley’s Small Group Rules

Christian support groups are not a new idea! I learned that when I first discovered John Wesley’s “Rules for Small Groups” written in 1816. This is an outline of “the Method” from which the name “Methodist” was derived.   It resulted in one of the greatest revivals the world has ever known. What if following these […]