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Addiction Counseling

Helping Children from Addicted & Dysfunctional Families

A. Understanding the Problems of Children from Addicted Families In the US, twenty million children are experiencing physical, verbal and emotional abuse from parents who are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs. This is tragic when we consider that childhood is the foundation on which our entire lives are built. When a child’s efforts to bond […]

The Homeless and Addiction Recovery

Every substance abuse counselor has probably at one time or another pointed to the “skid row bum” and said, “You don’t have to be like him to be an addict or alcoholic! ” While this type of person may represent only 5% of all addicts, Christians who are in recovery have a lot more in […]

Romantic Relationships in Early Recovery

Why do you say addicts should avoid new relationships with members of the opposite sex in the first year of recovery? A. Avoid losing the focus on personal issues – For addicts, real lasting change occurs only after a long and often painful process of self discovery.   This involves understanding their own addictive behaviors, repressed […]