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Motivating Addiction Recovery Program Participants (Part 2)

  When I came to Kansas City in 1990 and my focus turned from direct involvement to training people to become addition counselors and helping them to manage more effective programs. However, I’ve stayed in touch with the “hands on” dimension of recovery work by volunteering at local rescue missions and for other organizations that […]

Fundraising: Where Do I Start?

Times are changing. In our present economy, nonprofit organizations that once relied on government and grant funding are looking to individual donors for a greater percent of their operating revenues. Truthfully, if done right, building and nurturing a base of committed givers can provide a stable, long-term source of revenue.   It’s going to take some […]

Motivating Addiction Recovery Program Participants (Part 1)

The more time I spend with rescue mission recovery programs, the more I’ve become convinced that the most important gift we can give homeless addicts is community, a place to belong. Homelessness is a state of complete disaffiliation–being cut off from all meaningful and supportive human relationships. Suc ­cessful residential recovery programs actually provide a supportive […]