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Organizing the Addiction Counseling Process Part 5

In our last installment in this series we discussed, briefly, the importance of meeting the needs of each individual in the recovery program. To do this most effectively, a process of documentation is essential, using paper forms or computer-based data collection.   In residential recovery programs for the homeless, it is also important to adopt a […]

Organizing the Addiction Counseling Process Part 4

Most rescue recovery programs for homeless addicts have no trouble filling up their beds. Yet, it is better to have a smaller program with committed participants than to have a large one filled with people who are not serious about changing their lives. A well-organized long-term recovery program is —  “A planned, organized, and systematic delivery […]

Organizing the Addiction Counseling Process Part 3

Because they do not receive government and insurance monies, rescue missions that serve the homeless are not bound to strict time limits on the days of service they can render.   There is no magic to 30-day, 90-day 120-day programs.   These have always been set by the people who provided the dollars. That’s why I recommend […]