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How Drugs & Alcohol Damage the Body

The following is a very brief description of the major areas of the body that alcohol and drugs impact, along with some general recommendations (Rx:) for recovery. Skin And Hair  – Depletes body of nutrients for healthy looking hair and skin. Rx:  Nutrient dense foods; particularly Vitamins A, C, protein and zinc rich foods. Heart And Circulation  – […]

The “Recovery Diet”

Nutritional studies recommended that people in recovery eat on “cruise control” throughout the day. This means eating small, frequent mini-meals–to maintain energy levels and moods more even. Suggestions for a Diet that Promotes Recovery: Use the USDA’s  Food Guide Pyramid (PDF) as a guide to prepare well-balanced meals Eat 3 snacks and 3 meals per day  […]

The Impact of Diet and Nutrition on Recovery

A. All addicts in active use of alcohol and drugs are malnourished. In order to help people recover, it is important to understand the impact of nutrition. It is astounding to consider that only fat contains more calories per gram than alcohol. As a result, while drinking, addicts experience a sense of fullness having eaten […]