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Women and Addiction (Part 1)

When most people think of the alcoholics and addicts served by rescue missions, they think of the “Skid Row bum” — a disheveled older alcoholic who has lived on the streets for years.   But, especially in recent years, the number of young female addicts who look to missions for help is on the rise.     According […]

Smart Snacking for People in Recovery

Good nutrition is a vital part of the repair process occurring in the body of a newly recovering person. Food provides nutrients necessary to meet this need. Providing three nutritious meals may not be enough. Snacks can play an important role to help the person in recovery to meet their nutritional needs as well as […]

How Drugs & Alcohol Damage the Body

The following is a very brief description of the major areas of the body that alcohol and drugs impact, along with some general recommendations (Rx:) for recovery. Skin And Hair  – Depletes body of nutrients for healthy looking hair and skin. Rx:  Nutrient dense foods; particularly Vitamins A, C, protein and zinc rich foods. Heart And Circulation  – […]