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Responsibilities of the Christian Counselor

Take the time to determine the real needs of the people who look to you for help. Help people who look to you for help to identify these needs for themselves. Help people who look to you for help overcome denial if they have and alcohol or drug problem. Identify resources in the community that […]

Caring Speaks Volumes

“I didn’t always understand what they were saying, but I just knew they cared about me. That’s why I stayed in the program.” The annual fall snapshot survey conducted by the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions consistently reveals that up to 80% of those coming to rescue missions do so because they prefer the spiritual […]

Some Tips for Making Good Referrals

When homeless people look to rescue missions for help, they come with a wide variety of needs.   These include: food, clothing and shelter job counseling and training legal assistance literacy training and other educational skills parenting skills training family and couples counseling medical care and family planning services social support services child care during treatment […]