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Program Administration

Some Tips for Making Good Referrals

When homeless people look to rescue missions for help, they come with a wide variety of needs.   These include: food, clothing and shelter job counseling and training legal assistance literacy training and other educational skills parenting skills training family and couples counseling medical care and family planning services social support services child care during treatment […]

Taking Care of Staff Members

How can we be sure we are taking care of the needs of the program staff members?   Most people working at rescue missions don’t view their work as simply a “job.” They consider it a ministry or, more precisely, a “calling.”   As a result, they tend to be highly motivated employees. Yet, by keeping […]

A Few Thoughts for Chaplains and Counselors

Good chaplains and  counselors start “working themselves out of a job” when they first get involved.   They truly succeed when the troubled people they help no longer need them.   The opposite is what I call “missionizing” – the rescue mission version of institutionalization.   It is possible to teach needy people to function successfully while staying in […]