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Maurice Vanderberg – A Man of Vision

With his recent passing, I was reminded that, even before I was born, Maurice Vanderberg was talking about many of the principles I’ve discussed in this column over the years.   Rev. Vanderberg served as director of City Union Mission  in Kansas City, Missouri from 1954 to his retirement in 1991. His Christian Life Program was one […]

Measuring Success at Rescue Missions (Part Two)

How do we measure success at rescue missions? (Part Two) Since January, when I first wrote about this topic, a lively discussion about it has continued on the IUGM’s e-mail discussion list.   It’s been interesting to see the various opinions that have been expressed by rescue mission workers.   As a result, I am more convinced […]

Measuring Success at Rescue Missions (Part One)

How do we measure success at rescue missions?   (Part One) I frequently ask staff members, “How is your mission doing?”   The answer is usually about numbers:   meals served, nights of lodging, food boxes distributed and so forth.   Sometimes I hear about growing budgets, additional staff members, new facilities, etc.   However, when asked about the purpose […]