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Addiction Counseling

Advice for the Urban Ministry Worker

Urban mission work is certainly unique.   The rewards can be tremendous, as well as at the discouragements.    So, here are a few things I thought about as I looked at the new year ahead: A. Keep a life for yourself  —I often struggle to the balance between personal priorities and ministry opportunities.   It’s easy to get caught […]

A Decade of Change in Gospel Rescue Missions

An interview with Michael Liimatta The local church is not the only arena in which recovery has made some progress in the last decade. There have been a number of remarkable changes, for example, in the rescue mission environment that are worth noting. To learn about these developments we interviewed Michael Liimatta, the Director of […]

Self Revelation In Addiction Counseling

How much of my own personal struggles should I share with counselees?   I’ve been asked how the concept of “professional distance” relates to sharing with clients how God has worked in our own lives.     Some therapists are trained to avoid “inserting their own personalities” into the counseling process by not sharing anything about themselves with […]