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Addiction Counseling

Guide to Effective Rescue Mission Recovery Programs

This resource was originally published by the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions in 1993 and then updated in 2001. While out-of-print, I continue to receive requests for the information. So, I have decided to place most of it on this web site. It was originally packaged as a set of twelve recorded workshops with nearly […]

Is Every Drunkard an Alcoholic?

You say a person who is not a “drunkard” in the spiritual sense can be still an alcoholic “therapeutically.” How can that be? At first that may appear to be a confusing statement.   In Christian circles, the terms “drunk” and “alcoholic” are too often used interchangeably.     When dealing with alcoholics, too often believers focus almost […]

Sponsorship for People in Recovery Programs

Most support groups encourage recovering people to find a sponsor.   In addition, “mentorship” is a solid Biblical concept. The relationship between Paul, the seasoned veteran apostle, and Timothy, the young, gifted, upstart preacher is an excellent example. Still, for people involved in a long-term residential programs,   it is best to delay the process of finding […]