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Motivating Addiction Recovery Program Participants (Part 3)

I am firmly convinced that we must help people newly recovering addict to get integrated into two vital communities – the Church and the recovery community. There is life after the residential recovery program and if we don’t spend enough time and energy preparing our clients for it, we have done them a great injustice. […]

Organizing the Addiction Counseling Process Index

In 1997, I wrote a series of articles appeared in five consecutive issues of RESCUE, the journal of the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions. The focus was to give counselors some guidance that would help them more effectively work with homeless addicts. Here are the five articles: Organizing the Addiction Counseling Process – Part 1 […]

What to Do When Program Graduates Relapse

What should we do with graduates who turn to our recovery program after they have relapse? At addiction recovery programs, addicts spend several months to a year or more in a relatively safe, drug- and alcohol-free environment. While involved with the program, they are introduced to Christ and learn the principles of a sober lifestyle. […]