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Right Length for a Residential Recovery Program?

Awhile ago, I was asked by a staff member of a rescue mission, “We want to lengthen our drug/alcohol program from ninety days to 42 weeks. Is this too long a time to expect a man to stay on a program?” Unlike programs that rely on government or insur ­ance funds, rescue missions have no funding […]

Using Drug Tests in Residential Recovery Programs

Certainly, drug testing is an important tool for managers of residential recovery programs.   Dishonesty is one of the hallmarks of addiction. So, keeping those who have expressed a desire to change accountable is a good thing.   But, is it possible to overdo it? Another critical element of the recovery process is building trust between staff […]

Aftercare Strategies for Addiction Recovery Programs

For Christian programs that work to help addicts, the primary goal is to help them to become integrated into two vital communities – the Church and the recovery community.   If our goal is truly to work ourselves out of a job, then we must make sure we are spending enough time and energy preparing our […]